Tired of pulling around sprinklers in extreme summer droughts? Tallahassee heat can get the best of all of us—but when it comes to your lawn, trees and shrubs, it doesn’t have to. Our irrigation designers and installation teams are trained to design a system that is reliable, cost-efficient and will work to conserve water rather than waste it. A member of our irrigation and installation team will come to your property and propose an irrigation system that will most effectively benefit your landscape. No two systems are alike, and every landscape features its own unique microclimates and soil conditions that must be considered in order to design a system that will work for you. Once we are confident we know the ins and outs of your landscape and its specific irrigation needs, we will design and propose a system catered to your property specifications.


In the Tallahassee climate, we most commonly recommend an automatic irrigation system, as it is most reliable when it comes to watering your lawn—even in the hottest temperatures. Our state-of-the-art systems can save you time, water and money. Simply give us a call and schedule an appointment time, and one of The Plant Man’s irrigation experts will meet with you to go over each design process and installation costs. We are committed to designing and installing systems that will maintain your beautiful landscape, without sacrificing value or the environment.